Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. 24/08/2015

We congratulate Bhai Gurmel Singh Ji from the Sikh Council UK in showing great leadership by bringing all sides of the debate together on one platform with mutual respect and consideration.

We agree with all points passed in the meeting, in particular the need of an educational structure for all those partaking in the Sri Anand Karaj. Thereby upholding the Sanctity of the Sanskar by ensuring all participants, including those from a Sikh heritage, are in compliance and understanding of the ceremony, as well as receiving further knowledge of the Faith.

We agree when it comes to matters of long established Sikh Reht Mayada, the questions of alteration is out of the question. However, what should be up for discussion is the correct implementation; this should be inviting, educational and progressive. We are pleased that this is the direction indicated.

Our concerns have never been the about clarity of the Reht Maryada (This has been concise); but we take an issue with the determined defiance of certain Gurdwara committees who have made a mockery of the Scared Anand Karaj, commercialising it for monetary greed. These persistent offenders have little or no regard for the Authority of the Sikh Clergy nor UK Sikh Bodies.

We urge our respected elders to engage in open dialogue with such committees, in particular Gurdwara Sahib Leamington & Warwick, Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara, Gravesend and Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Hounslow, who’s immature actions are inciting divisions and disharmony in the wider UK Sangat. And it is noted that such rogue committee members were not represented in yesterdays meeting.

The resolutions passed are only valid if the Sadh Sangat respects them and committees action them. We have seen deceptive actions, such as mock name changes so that personal acquaintances, or large donators to Gurdwaras can marry their relatives there. We humbly request our elders to take up such matters such when raised by the youth.

This meeting has opened and paved greater communication between Sikh Youth Jathabandhis and the Sikh Council UK, we hope this bond will go further in the implementation of resolutions passed.

We agree with six month suggested postponement of Anand-Karaj day protests, however, Sikh Youth have agreed that protests should continue at Gurdwara’s Sahibs who continuously defy the Reht Maryada, but these protests will NOT be on the day of Anand Karaj and will be aimed solely at the Gurdwara Management Committees.

This is essential because it’s such committees whose actions cause so much heart-ache to so many people. They have continuously indicated their position as radical opposes of Sikh Reht Maryada and are in opposition of UK and international Sikh governing bodies.

These Six months should also be used to promote the awareness of the Anand Karaj and it’s protocols to the Sangat and wider community. We urge all Sikh Personalities, Parcharaks, and TV Stations to increase the Parchar on the Reht Marayda governing the Sri Anand Karaj, in a manner that is not divisive and promotes education with respect.

Again, for the benefit of the wider community, we are not against interfaith relationships, or inter-faith civil marriages. This campaign is to uphold the Sanctity of the Anand Karaj. The Anand Karaj is a Sikh religious ceremony and does not, under the eyes of the law, constitute as a “Wedding” or a “Marriage”. We take issue with the lazy sensationalised reporting of this topic by amateur journalists. To clarify, no Civil Marriage (in a Gurdwara or outside) has ever been halted by any protesters.

United UK Sikh Youth Bodies

Samooh Jujhar Naujawan Jathabandhiyan

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki Fateh

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