The situation escalated in Jammu this morning after police resorted to firing to hold back Sikh protesters. As a result, 1 Sikh youngster was killed named Bhai Jagjeet Singh s/o Sardar Narvair Singh in open fire by the police.

The youngster was killed instantly after bullets struck him in the head. The situation is very tense in Jammu right now and curfew in place.

The usual method of breaking crowds by the police is the firing of rubber bullets but police resorted to 9mm bullets.


After the removal of Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale’s poster was removed by the SHO, CRP was called in due to protests by Sikhs.


The Sikh community gathered at Satwari Police Station demanding apology from the officer for the act and for ‘hurting Sikh sentiments.’

After yesterday’s incident, Sikhs were assured SHO Kulvir Chaudary was to be suspended. A Shaheedi Samagam is held annually on June 6 but SSP Uttam Chand told the Sikhs they didn’t have permission to gather.

A local reporter told Sikh Channel, the police were to blame for the loss of life and violence which took place. The police created a major issue after they ripped the poster.


The Sikhs said they’ve been holding the annual event for 2 decades and don’t need permission from anyone to remember their martyrs.

The Sikhs were under the understanding that after yesterday’s event the situation was settled and the program would be allowed. However, reports were received of youth being rounded up at Rani Bagh which further sparked unrest.

The police used tear gas and lathicharged to hold back the protesters and then resorted to firing early morning on June 4.


Bhai Jagjeet Singh s/o Sardar Narvair Singh was confirmed dead in Jammu.

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