A young man named Inderpal Singh Ahuja committed suicide by jumping in front of a train due to money demands from policemen in Ludhiana.

He posted on facebook moments before his suicide that the SHO Devinder Chaudary and constable Swaran Singh and Boota Singh are demanding money from him and if he didn’t pay they would put a drug case on him. He continued to say that he doesn’t have any evidence and will commit suicide following Facebook post.

He added another post stating: “I am fed up with everything and committing taking my life.”

Inderpal ran a mobile recharging store where a prisoned criminal recharged his phone. The police had demanded Inderpal give details of the criminal he knew but Inderpal stated he didn’t know anything.

Facebook Post of Inderpal Singh
Facebook Post of Inderpal Singh

Inderpal’s Facebook Posts:

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