Turkish warplanes have shot down a Russian jet as it violated their airspace. The aircraft was shot down after it came over the Turkish/Syrian border by F16 Fighting Falcon jets.

Two pilots managed to eject from the jet and were seen landing with the help of parachutes. Turkish reports says that one of the pilots have been captured by Syrian rebels while other one is being searched for.

Turkish army officials say the Russian plane had violated the country’s air space close to the Syrian border and was shot down after ignoring several warnings.

However, Russia’s Ministry of Defense claims the jet was in Syrian airspace, and was shot down from the ground.
A Russian jet has been shot down after violating Turkish airpsace near the Syrian border, according to reports.

The jet’s pilot was warned before being shot down, according to a Turkish military source.

Russia’s Defence Ministry said the pilots of the downed Su-24 jet managed to parachute out, but their fate is unclear, according to the Interfax news agency.

24 November 2015. Turkish military shoots down russian fighter jet near Syria-Turkey border, Suriye. Russian Su-24 warplanes jet shot over Syria by Turkey.

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