Bir Rass is such emotion, that is unique to Khalsa, that is full of enthusiasm to fight a Dharam-yudh (religious war) but this emotion is totally contained within the Naam Rass. Since Naam Rass is unique to Khalsa, therefore, Gurmat Bir Rass too is unique to Khalsa. Bir Rass does not have even an iota of Krodh. Outwardly it may seem like an emotion similar to Krodh but it is not. Krodh has its origins in Maya whereas Bir Rass originates from Gurmat. Therefore, even though there is a perceived similarity between Bir Rass and Krodh, they are totally different.

Some differences between Krodh and Bir Rass are:

1. Krodh originates from Maya whereas Bir Rass comes from Gurmat Naam.

2. Krodh begets cruelty whereas Bir Rass is full of Daya (compassion).

3. In Krodh, one totally gets overwhelmed by Krodh and commits such mistakes that one later on gravely regrets. In Bir Rass, one is submerged in Naam Rass and as such Vaheguru Himself is working within such individual. One does not commit sins while under Bir Rass.

4. When in Krodh, one is governed by Maya and it’s agents which results in one committing grave sins. When in Bir Rass, Gursikh is under Shaheedi Pehra and Guru Sahib Himself takes seva from the body of such Gursikhs. Guru Sahib does all the work, but the Gursikh whose body is used, gets all the credit. Only an individual who has experienced Bir Rass knows about it. Rest can only conjecture.

5. In Gurmat, Bir Rass and Shant Rass are two sides of the same coin. Whereas worldly Shanti and Krodh cannot co-exist. There was no difference in the Shant-Rass of Bhai Lachhman Singh and Bir Rass of Baba Deep Singh or the Shant Rass of Baba Bir Singh Narangabadi and Bir Rass of Sahibzada Baba Ajit Singh jee.

May Guru Sahib bless us with the true Gurmat Naam Rass, Shant Rass and Bir Rass.

Kulbir Singh

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