WOW! Belgium Man Questions Sikh, And What Happened Next is Shocking!

“ARE YOU A SIKH”, asked this man in Belgium….

A heart-warming story from Khalsa Bikers who were in Belgium in November to remember the Sikh soldiers who died in World War 1 serving in Europe.

Belgium Man Sikh

“This gentleman approached us whilst we were walking around Menin Gate Belgium. He asked Payara Singh, “are you the leader of these boys?” in a jokingly manner.

He then questioned “you’re Sikhs, aren’t you?”, to which we replied yes. He then went on to state “my dad was serving with Sikhs in Burma and India. He always told me that he trusted the Sikhs. I trust you, do you know what I mean? I trust you Sikhs”. He then gave us a firm handshake and walked away.

It was a special moment and really took us aback; the actions of our forefathers have left a lasting impression on the world. How great they must have been.”

Via Khalsa Aid

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