Today all roads are leading to Sri Anandpur Sahib on the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the founding of the City. Punjab Government organised a three-day extravaganza in which BJP leaders like Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah would be participating. Since the city is associated with Sikh Gurus Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib and Guru Gobind Singh, one’s head bows in deep reverence. But with all humility, I would like to question crores of rupees being spent on the celebrations, including money being spent on the advertisements in various newspapers.

Look at the state of Punjab. A suicide a day is the what plagues the farmers in the villages. The cities are chaotic to the core. Punjab’s youth is adopting whatever means it can muster to flee to lands abroad. Rule of law is badly required. Would the Gurus have indulged in such an extravaganza under the given circumstances? Perhaps a more sombre function should have been organised where we should have taken a pledge to live the life of simplicity and sharing with the concept of “dasvandh” – just the way our Gurus taught us.

It is ironical that while Sri Anandpur Sahib reverberates in blowing of trumpets, sirens and hooters, the famous Resolution of 1973 – known as the Anandpur Sahib Resolution – is all but forgotten. While Badal & Company rejoice and revel, will some one remind them of their commitment to greater autonomy for states, transfer of Chandigarh and other Punjabi speaking areas, free relay of Gurbani worldwide, upholding of human rights, and moving towards the concept of total revolution?

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