A couple from New York gained immense respect from sangat after they did Sukhasn Seva after their Anand Karaj. The couple stayed until the end to do seva of Guru Maharaj as Guru Ji blessed them with the Anand Karaj.


The couple set an example for others to follow and hopefully inspired others to do the same. Most of the time, couples are in a rush to go to the reception parties and other things but this couple showed the immense respect they have for Guru Sahib.

The Anand Karaj, (The Ceremony of Bliss) is the Sikh wedding ceremony.

ONLY Sikhs (those persons who have accepted Guru Granth Sahib ji as their ONLY Guru and are adherents to the Sikh faith) regardless of their skin colour, are allowed to partake in this beautiful ceremony.


What is Sukhasan Seva?

’Sukhaasan’ means “easy pose” or posture of rest, peace and tranquillity. At night after Sodar Rehraas, Guru Ji’s Saroop (Volume) is put to rest (i.e. ceremoniously closed and placed) in a special room or place, but before being moved, Guru Ji is put into Sukhaasan. In essence, it is the reverse of the Prakaash ceremony. Sukhaasan takes place after the sun goes down, or at any time before Guru Ji’s Saroop is moved, such as at the completion of Gurdwara ceremony when Guru Ji is to be moved.

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