(DSU News Bureau) A company put the picture of Sri Harmandar Sahib on a flip flop footwear causing outrage worldwide. The company called Cafe Press is a site which allows anyone to post any picture on variety of products. A user can simply use the online tools to construct a custom product and than use the website to sell it. Cafe Press prints the images onto hundreds of products on the site.


After pictures surfaced on social networks, Sikh organizations contacted the company to immediately remove the product.

The Sikh Network from the UK came in contact with the company to remove the item immediately as it caused sacrilege of the Holiest Sikh Shrine.

Here is the thread to the conversation

2 hours ago
@DesiShopper @TheSikhNet …image/product that may be offensive by emailing CUP@cafepress.com. 3/3

Desi Shopper ‏@DesiShopper 2h2 hours ago
@cafepress Alerting you on social media should suffice to take action. Either you have ethics and guidelines or you don’t! @TheSikhNet

@DesiShopper @TheSikhNet And, we are not longer able to locate this product. Looks like it’s been removed.

Desi Shopper ‏@DesiShopper 2h2 hours ago
@cafepress Thank you for taking action. We will take a look and alert you if we still see it or find anything else inappropriate @TheSikhNet

CafePress ‏@cafepress 2h2 hours ago
@DesiShopper Thanks for working with us.

Desi Shopper ‏@DesiShopper 2h2 hours ago
@cafepress Likewise.

CafePress ‏@cafepress 2h2 hours ago
@DesiShopper @TheSikhNet …the customer. Emailing CUP@cafepress.com is how to talk to them directly. 2/2

The Sikh Network ‏@TheSikhNet 2h2 hours ago
@cafepress @DesiShopper Unbelievable! Totally gob smacked at you lack of sensitivity & empathy. I’ve emailed, when will I get a response?

Desi Shopper ‏@DesiShopper 2h2 hours ago
@TheSikhNet Often shocked to see things like this. If a company is unaware and takes immediate action to remedy it is a good sign @cafepress

The Sikh Network ‏@TheSikhNet 2h2 hours ago
@DesiShopper @cafepress @SikhYouthBirm – Well Done guys! Great to work with U & get this matter resolved quickly! pic.twitter.com/1ApbeLcAiS
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Bally sanghera ‏@Ballysanghera1 2h2 hours ago
@TheSikhNet @manjkaur21 @DesiShopper @cafepress @SikhYouthBirm what about the pairs u already sold?
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CafePress ‏@cafepress 2h2 hours ago
@DesiShopper @TheSikhNet We have definitely alerted the content usage department. It is always best for them to hear straight from… 1/2

CafePress ‏@cafepress 2h2 hours ago
@DesiShopper @TheSikhNet …We have contacted out content usage department regarding this. We ask that you report any… 2/3

CafePress ‏@cafepress 2h2 hours ago
@DesiShopper @TheSikhNet We do not design these images. They are user submitted and the user decides which products to place them on…. 1/3

The item was removed by the use who listed the product after tremendous response by the Sikh community.

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