Older folks often say that “in the past, Sikhi was stronger and walls of Gurdwaras not so strong, but now Walls of Gurdwaras are stronger.” This statement is true to a certain extent but recently Sikhi is being embraced by thousands all through the world thanks to social media.

We look at some of the most costliest Gurdwara buildings ever constructed outside India.

1. Name: Sri Guru Singh Sabha
Place: Southhall, UK
Cost: 35 Million Dollars


2.Name: San Jose Gurdwara
Place: San Jose, California, USA
Cost: 32 Million Dollars


3. Name: Glasgow Gurdwara (Under Construction) To Open 2015
Cost: 25 Million Dollars
Place: Glasgow, Scotland, UK


4.Name: Akali Singh Gurdwara
Place: Vancouver, Canada
Cost: 22 Million Dollars


5. Name: Ontario Khalsa Darbar ( Has Highest Nishan Sahib Outside India)
Place: Toronto, Canada
Cost: 21 Million Dollars


6. Name: Guru Nanak Darbar
Place: Dubai, UAE
Cost: 20.1 Million Dollars


7. Name: The Guru Nanak Marg Gurdwara Known As Gravesend Gurdwara
Place:Gravesend, UK
Cost: 20 Million Dollars


8. Name: Sikh Center of San Francisco Bay Area
Place: El Sobrante, California
Cost: 18 Million Dollars


9.Name: Gurdwara Sahib Kalgidhar Darbar
Place: Abbotsford, Canada
Cost: 17 Million Dollars


10. Name: Gurdwara Sahib Craigiburn
Place: Victoria, Australia
Cost: 15 Million Dollars


By Daily Sikh Updates Editors

List of Ten Most Expensive Gurwdaras in the World

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