A man became overly aggressive against two women at the Annual Surrey Nagar Kirtan. The incident occurred when one of the two women to the left of the video accidently spilled Gol Gappe water over the suit of the man’s wife. The people created commotion for no reason at the Nagar Kirtan event.

The video went viral on social networks with many stating that people are more worried about their clothes then the meaning of the religious events.

Thousands come out to Nagar Kirtan events and most of them come out for free food and to show off their new dresses.

Apparently, the spilling of Gol Gappe water on a $600 suit can have wide consequences. It’s also shocking that majority of people at the Nagar Kirtan don’t have their heads covered which shows they all went to eat free food.

Surrey by dailysikhupdates

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