If you think the person in the green turban is taking a dip in the water to take a break from the scorching heat than you are wrong.

The man in the green turban is Punjab Police DSP Gurmeet Singh Kingra who jumped into the water to save a female teacher who jumped into the water to avoid lathi charge by the police.


The incident occurred yesterday when EGS teacher who only get 2500 rupees and that even after gaps of 5 months protested but they were met by lathicharge of the police.

The teachers protested by marching down the road to their low wages when the police lathi charged them to disperse the protest. In order to avoid the batons by the police, the teachers jumped into the river.

Apparently, the police tested the limit of the workers and to avoid the beating the workers were willing to jump into the river.

The teachers accepted death over the beating by the Punjab Police.

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