23 year old woman from Raj Guru Nagar in Ludhiana was brutally gang raped inside a moving car by 3 men on International Woman’s day.

The commissioner stated the incident happened last night to a girl who was a paying guest in the local area and after dropping a friend off was returning to her home when a car stopped and abducted her.

The girl who survived said she works at a prestigious hotel in the city and that 3 men raped her and then threw her off in the same area.

The police have registered cases of abduction and gang rape and the 3 men haven’t been identified as of today. Local CCTV cameras are being examined to find footage of the car.

The medical examination at the hospital confirmed the woman was raped and police confirmed “there is no reason to doubt the statement of the girl.”

The footage has revealed a car was roaming over and over again in the same locality.

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