CCTV footage revealed a woman taking off with several pairs of shoes at the Gurdwara Sahib in Gravesend, UK. The culprit was caught by police within 24 hours due to past crime history.

“Sangat ji, we would like to update you on a recent incident that took place at our Guru Ghar. On the evening of Friday 12th January, two pairs of shoes were taken from the ladies shoe area on the ground floor of the Gurdwara.

A report was logged with Gurdwara Sewadars who checked CCTV footage and filed a report with local police. The CCTV footage helped Sewadars to identify the culprits the very next day while they were having Langar.

By 1pm on Saturday 13th January, less than 24 hours since the incident had taken place:
– the police had been called to the Gurdwara
– 1 pair of shoes had been returned, the other pair followed later the same day
– the pair responsible for the theft were already known to the police, they were given a community charge and banned from the Guru Ghar.

We would like to ask that the Sangat continue to be vigilant and cooperate with Gurdwara Sewadars while we work to safeguard the Sangat and our Guru Ghar.”

Video posted on social media by East London Sikhs:

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