Woman Regrets Marrying Non-Sikh Now Wants to Become Amritdhari

One of the most unusual stories that have surfaced in the United Kingdom is of Harpreet who married a Muslim and now regrets it.

At a young age she married a Muslim man without her parent’s knowledge.

The father realized after he discovered photographs of her and her husband. After several years she revealed to her family about what she did.

The parents refused to have any relations with her as she went totally against what they believe they taught her while she was young.

She now has 2 daughters who attend both Punjabi classes.  She regrets marrying the nonsikh man as she feels it’s very difficult to balance multiple relationships.

After her marriage, she became closer to her parent’s faith and now wants to become Amritdhari Sikh but can’t as the Sikh religion only allows a married couple to be baptised together and not just 1 of the 2. Both husband and wife must follow the teachings of Sikh Gurus and live accordingly to Sikh principles and teachings and this is nearly impossible if one of the person is not Sikh.

The woman’s husband doesn’t wish to change his faith.

She recommends others to not  do interfaith marriage as life becomes difficult. She says if she knew more about her faith she would have never married a non-Sikh.

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