Woman Admits to Killing Punjabi Man in Stolen Car Crash

A driver who was getting away police in a taken vehicle before pummeling into a conveyance truck, slaughtering the driver, has confessed to the hit-run crash.

Sophie Louise Brine — who has a background marked by genuine driving offenses — conceded in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Tuesday to driving a taken vehicle, getting away from a police interest, leaving the area of a mishap and exasperated causing the demise of Jatinder Singh Brar by perilous driving at Salisbury South on January 4.

The court head the mother-of-four, 25, was driving a taken vehicle while excluded and with endorsed medicates in her framework while getting away from police.

Woman responsible for attack:

Scene of the crime:

The court has recently heard police spotted Brine, 24, of Taperoo driving a taken white Ford Territory along Port Wakefield Rd, Cavan, at 11.45am.

After a short pursue — ceased by officials, due to the vehicle’s speed — the Territory pummeled into Mr Brar’s Woolworths conveyance truck only 200m from the Cross Keys Rd convergence on Kings Rd in Salisbury South.

Mr Brar had been driving the truck for a long time while concentrating his Masters of Accounting, and had graduated only two weeks sooner.

His truck kept running off the street and collided with a tree. He kicked the bucket at the scene.

Saline solution was later captured at Taperoo.

At the time, police named the accident “absolutely pointless” and Brine’s lead as “flighty”, while Mr Brar was “simply continuing on ahead”.

His companions recently paid tribute to Mr Brar, recollecting that him as an eager youngster whose fantasies could never be satisfied.

Mr Brar’s mom went to the conference and shed tears outside court for her child.

Saline solution will next show up in the District Court in November.

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