Witness Says 1 Punjabi of 39 Survived After Fooling IS of Death (Video)

A media report cited statements of Shafi and Hassan, Bangladeshis who claimed to have been released by their ISIS captors after segregating them from Indians, to claim that 39 Indians had been killed. They based their claim on what they had been told by Harjeet.

“Shafi and Hassan have made the claim but they are not eye-witnesses and their statements are only secondary in nature. They have not said they were killed before them, they are only quoting Harjeet, who is one source whose confirmation no one has made,” she said.

Harjeet was in the group of 40 Indians who had been kidnapped in June but he later managed to escape.

Swaraj confirmed that Harjeet a punjabi, the only escapee from the custody of ISIS, was in the government’s safe custody.

“He faces threat to his life and can endanger the lives of others also,” she said, as he is the lone persons who has escaped from their captivity.

The government is working in “adverse circumstances” for ensuring their release and have been utilising all resources in the Gulf, including establishing contact with heads of states in the area, the Minister said.

She said there is no issue of anyone trying to take credit for securing their release and government has sought the help of former minister of state for external affairs E Ahamed, who has good contacts in the Gulf countries, to secure their release.

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