Article by: Doctor Harbir Singh from Barefoot Doctors

Yesterday was a roller coaster of emotions and one of the best days of my life -We now have a new member in our family.

It was a beautiful day and we are loving spending time with the baby.

I wanted to write something on gender.. Since the pregnancy we have had comments from people in our life regarding the gender of the baby.

Why is it that boys are thought of as better than girls? Is this just a cultural thing? How do people think parents or child feel, when people make comments about the child’s gender? Isn’t women making comments about baby girls strange since they were ones themselves?


For 10 years I have been involved in Unique home for girls. A orphanage in Punjab India were abandoned girls are cared for, educated and then when they are of age, married into loving families. I have seen the girls grow up and have a strong connection with them.


As part of a family bigger family unit, one of the people I spend most quality time with is my four year old niece, Harsimran Kaur.

My wife is an amazing, smart, loving, caring, dedicated… I could go on for ages and I really respect her as a person.

I am learning and trying to practice Sikhism, a faith which gave equal rights and responsibilities to women at the time when women were being burned at the stake in the west.

Global picture

Everyday thousands of female are being aborted, killed or mistreated simply due to their gender

In some countries due to sex selection, men outnumber women to a ratio which is unsustainable and the gap is widening

Qualities of a baby girl

Women are healthier – Research show biological women have the advantage for health and longevity
Girls multiply their impact – Research show girls multiply their impact on the world around them. For example when girls and women earn their own income, they are likely to invest 90% of it into their families.
Girls are smarter – Statistically scoring higher in every subject in school.
Without women there would be no men!

I hope that the next generation will have a different, more logically mindset about gender.

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