Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh has taken to social media to hit out at certain Punjabi songs who are tarnishing the Punjabi culture and putting wrong ideas into the minds of the youth. After the recent attacks at a wedding where a female teacher was killed the cricketer singled out songs which focus on weapons or glorify violence.

Punjabis around the world are supporting Harbhajan Singh in leading the fight against the dangerous new Punjabi trends in songs of glorifying guns and violence. He particularly mentioned song “Jatt Fire Karda” which speaks out breaking the law and shooting at places where weapons are banned.

There is no doubt many people feel this way and it sometimes takes a celebrity to speak out against a certain point to gain some momentum in the media before any changes may be made. Gun violence is not only a problem in India and many singers have made their name and money by glorifying such matters.

Harbhajan Singh used social media microblogging site to express his views.. he posted photo with caption:

“Goli chalane ka itna shonk hai then join army protect our people rather then killing our own people..😡😡😡#savepunjab
Who wil bring her mother back?Due 2 sm nonsense people we r ashamed 2 b punjabi.this is not our culture #savepunjab
Such a sad news..aggressive songs about fight 4 land,guns at weddings,functions,showoff. #jaatfirekarda such a shame”

He went onto say that people who want to use guns should fight for the nation instead of shooting their own people.

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