Question was Is there a difference between Dharam Raj and the Lord of Death?

Dharam raaj is the one who judges our actions. all the actions that are done under the darkness of our mind (panj chor, desires, ahankaar) are recorded by chitar gupt. if we dont get salvation (mukti) in this life, when we die we go to him and then he decides what punishment we get based on our actions in this life. he then sends our soul to a different body (animal, human again) it depends on your deeds in this life. Dharam Raj works for God. God has created this game, so if you want mukti you’ve to go beat dharam raj by realising God and becoming a brahm giani. Only a brahm giani, a puran khalsa is free of karmas, meaning he’s not judged by dharam raj because GOD runs his body.

This is how we get mukti, liberated whilst alive. We’ve to become free of karmas, this will happen when GOD runs your body. Every person has their inner eternal Guru sitting in their heart, sometimes we are about to do something bad, and then we get a call from inside “DONT DO THAT”, that is your eternal guru telling you not to be bad, but we still override him and do what our EGO tells us and then that action is recorded under chitar-gupt.

Our mission is to become 100% on the guru, our mission is to do what he tells us, not the panj chor, ahankaar and desires. Once you become 100% on your internal guru – satnaam, your dassam dawar is opened and you’re connected to supreme energy – god himself. this is the meaning of GURMUKH, when you facing the guru inside you, not your own MIND (MANMUKH). You need a outer guru (a puran brahm giani, living satguru) to connect you with your internal guru. You’ve the car, you need the key, key is a puran brahm giani, and then you’ve to make the effort to drive that car to sach khand.

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