Parcharak Sarbjit Singh Dhunda explains who is a Donkey while doing katha a village in Punjab.

A donkey or an ass is known to be the beast of burden. It carries burden day and night, without knowing for who he is doing it, and why he is doing it. It is happy so long its belly is filled!

Similarly, we carry the crushing load of Haumai (egotism), and, in madness, we work day and night like a donkey to develop material wealth, without caring for the Eternal Spirit or advancement in Spiritual Understanding (Aatam-Giaan). As a result, we end up working like a donkey to cultivate nothing but ignorance. Such life style (Manmukh lifestyle) corrupts our sensory apparatus.

We are repeatedly reminded by the Gurbani that the human life is meant for churning the Truth. Instead, most of us just churn falsehood!

The life of those churning falsehood is like the donkey who grazes upon the green grass; arising each day, he laughs and brays, and then dies. Or, like the intoxicated bull who runs around wildly, romps, eats and then falls into hellish existence.- T Singh

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