White Tiger Kills Student Inside Delhi Zoo (Video)

White Tiger Kills Student inside Zoo by dailysikhupdates

Class 12 Student Killed by White Tiger At Delhi… by dailysikhupdates

A 12th grade boy was trying to take a close photo of a white tiger at Delhi’s zoo when he fell into the cage. He then tried to run away, but the tiger quickly attacked and killed the boy.

NEW DELHI: A white tiger has killed a class 12 student at the Delhi zoo, the police have said.

The tragic incident took place at around 1.30 pm on Tuesday.

Witnesses claim the barricade of the tiger enclosure was low and the boy slipped and fell into it.

The fully-grown tiger then mauled the boy and killed him within minutes.

Many say there weren’t enough security guards or zoo personnel to come to the boy’s rescue

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