The White House issued the official statement regarding the Sikh petition submitted by Sikhs for Justice human rights group asking President Obama on why Sikhs are labelled as Hindus under India’s Constitution .

President Obama in his speech on the last day of his visit in New Delhi spoke about religion intolerance in India and was firm that India must respect all it’s religious communities.

The speech was well received by Sikhs worldwide and Sikhs understood President Obama spoke about the issue due to the Sikh petition:

Below is the Official Statement

Thank you for your petition.

During his recent trip to India, the President discussed the importance of religious freedom and tolerance in India on January 27 during his speech at Siri Fort in New Delhi.

President Obama underscored that India’s success depended on the nation not being “splintered along the lines of religious faith.”

The President welcomed Prime Minister Modi’s February 17 condemnation of religious-based violent acts, and his assurance that his government will give equal respect to all religions.

As the President said in his January 27 speech, “In both our countries, in India and in America, our diversity is our strength.”

We are committed to working with India to reaffirm this principle not just within our own countries but around the world.

Via Sikh Sangat

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