When The Same Hukamnama Came for Three Straight Days at Sri Darbar Sahib

In what appears to be a direct message from Guru Sahib, 3 straight days the same Hukamnama came at evening time from Sri Harmandar Sahib Ji. Also, the same hukamnama came during Amritvela for the dates of October 23, 2015 and October 25, 2015.

In Punjab, multiple cases of desecration are occurring throughout Punjab for many days now and innocent GurSikhs are lodged in jails for crimes they didn’t commit.

It’s a time of unrest in Punjab as people are hurt due to the sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. In this time of uncertainty and rest Guru Sahib has given a message.

Guru Sahib is saying that everything is being watched and especially those who are committing sins.

The living Guru of the Sikhs has given Sikhs a message in the Hukamnama. Guru Ji is listening carefully to everyone’s prayers and ardas.

Through Raag Dhanasari, a raag which portrays the sense of being completely carefree yet optimistic of the future, Maharaj tells the Khalsa to have faith and that justice will come through the Hukam(command) of Vaheguru!

The Hukamnama for evenings of October 23rd, 24th, and 25th at Sri Harmandar Sahib was the same:

Same Hukamnama came during Amritvela for the dates of October 23, 2016 and October 25, 2016.