(DSU News Bureau) A heavy win caused a plane to crash on a very busy highway in the city of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada on October 27, 2011. The plane set on fire immediately after the crash. After watching two people jump out of the flames, Mandeep Singh thought he must do something to help rest of the victims.

He said, after seeing two passengers escape while the wind blew in the opposite direction he knew rest of the lives could be saved.

Mandeep Singh is a 32 year old IT Specialist in the Aviation sector and was on a business trip when the incident occurred at the airport.

Mandeep then risked his life with intense smoke and flames from the crashed plane and was able to rescue passengers one by one. Mandeep managed to save lives of 6 people in the crash and was awarded for his effort by the Canadian government in 2012.


Recently, the Canadian Ambassador learned that Mandeep was visiting the UAE and so he organized a special ceremony to honor Mandeep for his courageous act.

Canadian Ambassador Lalani said: “ Mr Dhaliwal is a hero. He reflects the essence of the Canadian Governor General’s medal for bravery – helping others simply because they need help and you can offer it. It is a great honour to present the medal to Mr Dhaliwal in the UAE where he lives and works.

Dhaliwal’s humbleness further attributes his bravery to his attire. “Being a Sikh, my turban might have helped others easily recognise me among other rescuers,” he told Gulf News. There were many others who also risked their life along with others, he said. Dhaliwal is working with Flydubai now and his wife Kamalpreet Kaur is a school teacher. The couple has a four-year-old son Nirvaan Singh.

He has not been carried away by the the award and ensuing flame. “Anyone trying to rescue others must ensure their own safety first. I did it because four other friends were also with me. I may do the same. But when we do so, we should take care of our safety too!” Dhaliwal said.

With inputs from Gulf News

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