1928 Rawalpindi Samagam – A Spiritual Miracle Via Gurmat Bibek

In 1928 Bau Mal Singh jee received a request to do an Akhand Kirtani Samagam in Rawalpindi (now in Pakistan). When Bau jee along with the Jatha arrived at Rawalpindi, they found Bibi Kundan Kaur, a young daughter of Doctor Gurbaksh Singh seriously sick with TB. As per doctor’s advice, she was residing near the Saanvali fountain in Maree (a hill station) because the water of this fountain was said to be good for the patients of TB.


Doctor Gurbaksh Singh the girl’s father had firm belief in the healing power of Gurbani and at his request the whole Jatha arrived at Maree for a 3 day Samagam.

This place possessed extreme natural beauty. It was surrounded by tall beautiful hills covered with heavy forest. There were natural fountains and lakes in this area.

The air was naturally perfumed because of abundance of wild flowers in this area. As soon as the Singhs arrived there, their Surthees moved upwards spiritually, because of the natural beauty of the area. The Sodar Chaunkee (evening Kirtan) was done in extreme Chardi Kala. The Singhs experienced such divine bliss here that they had never experienced before.

The next day, after Amritvela program, Siri Asa kee Vaar was started in great spirits. After the completion of Siri Asa kee Vaar, an Ardaas for starting of Siri Akhand Paath Sahib was performed by Bau Mal Singh jee in extreme Bairaag. The whole Sangat was in Bairaag and begged before Satguru jee for the healing of Bibi Kundan Kaur.

The Bibi was asked to stay in Maharaj jee’s Darbar and concentrate on Gurbani and chant Naam with Rasna. The remaining Sangat too engaged in earning the spiritual profits by listening to Gurbani Paath and chanting Naam.

Power of Gurbani

The already beautiful atmosphere of this area was greatly enhanced because of Gurbani Paath and arrival of Sangat there. Apart from the Ardaas performed by Bau jee, the rest of Sangat too was doing Gupt Ardaas for the healing of this fortunate young Bibi.

By the evening of the first day, the Bibi told the doctor that she was feeling much better. The doctor checked and noticed that fever had substantially come down. Next day again her fever was checked and it was found that the temperature was only 99 degrees now.

On the final day, her fever had almost subsided and she was feeling almost normal. Doctor Gurbaksh Singh the Bhujangan’s father, in extreme happiness stood up and with folded hands thanked Guru Sahib and the Sangat. He said that very soon his daughter would be healed.

When Bau jee heard this, he uttered a loud Jaikaara and announced that what was the need to wait any longer and announced the starting of another Siri Akhand Paath Sahib. Who was going to say no, when Bau jee had made the announcement? The next Siri Akhand Paath Sahib was started after the completion of Siri Asa kee Vaar of first Siri Akhand Paath Sahib.

This Siri Akhand Paath Sahib too concluded in great spiritual colours. By the end of this Paath, Bibi jee was totally healed as if nothing had ever happened to her.

The news about this miracle healing reached the Sangat of Rawalpindi (Rawalpindi is close to this hill town) and in gratitude, the Sangat there announced a third Siri Akhand Paath Sahib to thank Guru Sahib.

After the conclusion of the third Siri Akhand Paath Sahib, numerous people begged the Jatha to organize an Amrit Sinchaar Samagam.

Bau jee and other Jatha Singhs were extremely pleased at this development and right after the bhog of Siri Asa kee Vaar, an Amrit Sinchaar Samagam was started. In this Samagam, wife of Bhai Dogar Singh, and who later became famous in the Jatha as Bibi Kunji, had great mystical experiences.

As soon as she was done Naam DriR after Amrit Chhak, her eyes moved upwards and she lost her worldly consciousness. The Naam Khanda inside her was going on very vigorously. He condition was like this Pankiti:

ਹਉ ਆਕਲ ਬਿਕਲ ਭਈ ਗੁਰ ਦੇਖੇ ਹਉ ਲੋਟ ਪੋਟ ਹੋਇ ਪਈਆ ॥1॥

After her, whoever took Amrit from Punj Pyare, reached similar spiritual state as Bibi Kunji. Hearing such spiritual miracles occuring at this Samagam, many more requested to be given Amrit but it was decided that they would receive Amrit in the next Samagam.

Such were the Singhs of Bhai Sahib’s times. May Guru Sahib bless us too, with some Kirpa.

Kulbir Singh

(Adapted from Poorabh Janam ke Miley Sanjogi by Professor Takhur Singh)

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