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This is a moment that will remain forever entrenched in the minds of those Sikhs who were present at the Nairobi State House invite to The Kenyatta Day of 1977. The Bhangra team were extended an official invite from the President’s Office as part of Kenya’s diverse cultural heritage.

President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta had just arrived on the ground and was trying to wiggle his way through the Bhangra performance that was going on at the moment, as he tried to make his way to his seat.


Because the Punjabi dance is so vigorous and energetically animated, Mzee Kenyatta broke into a dance himself, joining in tandem to the steps of Sardar Kuldip Singh beside him and Sardar Bhupinder Singh Nagi (behind Mzee), as everyone else cheered, including then Vice-President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi (extreme right).

This was the last Kenyatta Day that was marked with Mzee in attendance, as the following year in August 1978, he passed away – and eventually leading to the ascension of Daniel arap Moi to Presidency.
Photo Credit – Bhupinder Singh Nagi

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