Sant Who Protected Muslim Women from British Soldiers

Baba Karam Singh Ji was a soldier in the British army during the British Raaj. In 1857, the British Government raised a commotion  and told all soldiers, that they can do as they wish in the capital city of Delhi. Many soldiers became excited upon hearing this and after losing all trace of thought began to practise things which were very much against the basic conduct of a soldier – someone whose duty is to protect a country and it’s people. Soldiers began riots and mass looting through Delhi. The soldiers began raiding peoples home and committing mass atrocities.

The daughters of Delhi placed their heads between their legs and cried, contemplating what was about to happen. Hearing this, Baba Karam Singh Ji became very upset and made a sincere plea to Waheguru – “O Waheguru! Please bless me with such courage and power, that I be able to fulfil the duty of protecting the honour of many, and bringing a end to this horror and tyranny. Give me the strength to serve under you. May I be granted the boon to be the support of the poor and weak. May I be given the strength to show your Sikhi and may I prevail, with your grace, in this action.”

After finishing the Ardaas, Baba Karam Singh Ji left for the town whilst being very upset. In front of Baba Ji stood a huge mansion style building and nearby, were the sounds of crying, screaming and pain. Baba Ji instantly stopped. It appeared that a mischievous soldier was attempting to discard the honour of the women of the house. Baba Karam Singh Ji ran there and fearlessly warned the soldier – “How dare you! This family is under my supervision. I have been sent by the Lord Master, and I see it as my duty to protect them. If you attempt to commit any action which will be threatening towards any of these individuals, be warned – I will shoot you.” Trembling with fear, the soldier ran away as fast as he could. 

The frightened young woman ran insider her house to seek shelter. An old woman, again wearing a full face veil, then came outside from the house and said, “O Khuda! O Saint Soldier! We are the descendants of Hazrat (The Prophet) Muhammad Sahib. All our men are away from home and have since not returned. For the sake of the Prophet and for the sake of Guru Nanak Dev, please be the support of us troubled women. The Lord will grant you this boon!”

Baba Karam Singh Ji reassured the Muslim women that there is no need to worry and that they will be protected. Baba Karam Singh Ji proclaimed – “As long as their is strength in my arms, these men will be unable to even cast their eyes upon you.” Baba Karam Singh Ji took their gun and sat infront of this large house as a guard. Baba Ji did not eat or drink water and maintained security and protection of the women 24 hours a day. The resident men of the house soon returned.

After hearing the amazing sacrifice of Baba Karam Singh Ji, the men were extremely happy. Baba Ji was invited inside of the house and thanked by the Muslim men. The Muslim women of the house came forward and removed their veil infront of Baba Ji. The Muslim said, “As you are sent by God and the Sikh of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, our women have no need to cover their face infront of you.” 

Baba Karam Singh Ji then asked for permission to leave and at this point was requested by the family members to take mass amounts of gold which has been presented by them. Baba Ji however refused and said that they fulfilled their duties as a Saint Soldier and so had no need for such possessions. After hearing this, Shah Sahib’s (the head of the house) eyes began to water and after folding his hands said – “O beloved being of God – You truly are the living and breathing ideology of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Your name is not only Karam Singh – You truly are the Karam of support that has come to our house, in our service. We would have nothing, if you and your Gun were not here to protect us!” After several methods of persuasion, Baba Ji finally agreed to take the gift. 

Baba Karam Singh Ji then returned to the army and settled down in the army base headquarters at Hoti Mardaan. At Hoti Mardaan all the soldiers that had been sent to raise havoc in Delhi were sanctioned and were suspended for 3 months without pay. Baba Karam Singh Ji also took time off for vacation and after returning, engaged in excessive amounts of meditation whilst practising the remembrance of Waheguru. Baba Ji would always focus their mind and soul in an emotional state of mind and remain indulged in spiritual bliss. Baba Ji continued to serve their duties within the army.

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!
Via: Bhai Manvir Singh Blog

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