The Shaheedi of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji and the aftermath makes us realise how high duty to humanity and accountability sits in Sikh history. Guru Sahib and his 3 companions showed us accountability through sacrifice. This was followed by the bravery of Bhai Jetha and Bhai Lakhi Shah.

The lack of accountability of the Sikhs at Chandni Chowk led to the Dasmesh Pita formalising the Khalsa identity where there would no longer be any way for Sikhs to hide from their duty and forever remain accountable.

A countless lineage of valiant Sikhs followed and till this day we see Sikhs forever ready to be accountable.

With such great legacies in our Panth, we must ask ourselves today how accountable are we as individuals and how many of us have that same sense of duty…Were we meant to be individuals who stand on the side lines waiting for others to take the lead? Were we meant to hide behind leaders, committees, parcharaks and others so that we can remain safe? Or were we meant to be the Bhai Jethas and Bhai Lakhi Shahs who risked their lives in order to recognise and safeguard their sense of duty.

Guru Sahib gave us the uniqueness to stand out in action and reaction. A gift we cannot afford to lose.

By Mankamal Singh
Mankamal Singh is one of the founders for the Sikh faith school Atam Academy in Ilford, UK.

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