The story of an Akali Nihung and a Rakhdi (or Rakhi)

One day an Akali Nihung was walking down a street when he came across a hindu priest who was his well wisher.


Wishing the Akali Nihung “Satsriakaal”, the priest asked him why there were no rakhdi’s on his wrist ? He asked the Nihung – “Don’t you have any Sisters?” to which the Akali replied – “Yes….I have two sisters.” The priest then gave him two rakhdi’s and asked him to give them to his sisters to tie it on his wrist.

The Akali asked him the purpose/ significance of them, to which the priest replied- “They are symbols of promises exchanged between a brother and a sister….. by receiving a rakhdi from his sister, the brother promises to stand by his sister and protect her at all times, even at the cost of his life!”

Hearing this the Akali Nihung tied the two Rakhdi’s to his two Shastars. When the priest inquired why he did that, the Akali replied- “In times great need, these Shastars protect me from death, because of these sacred Shastars given to me by the Almighty, I’m alive and am able to protect my family, friends, and the weak, so I tie these Rakhdi’s to my Shastars and ask them to promise me that they will forever protect me.

Have a great day Saadh Sangat ji ! Akaal !

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