The West Midlands Police responded to an inquiry by a person wanting to know whether the police had any intelligence or reports of Sikhs doing illegal activities inside Gurdwaras. The West Midlands police responded by saying, “Hi, we’ve not had any reports of this.”

Before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the UK, a dossier was submitted to British PM David Cameron by the NSA of India where the Indian intelligence claims it has evidence of illegal activities by Sikhs in 2 named Gurdwaras.

The news created a stir among the Sikh community and the allegations were strictly denied and stated as being “propaganda against the Sikh community on part by the Indian government.”


Many in the Sikh community took to the Media and addressed the concerns as being baseless and false. One of the named Gurdwaras in the intelligence report is adjacent to a police station.

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