West Bengal MP: Sikhs Captured Red Fort in 1783, Don’t Teach Sikhs About Courage, Powerful Speech in Parliament

The speech of MP Mahua Moitra has gone viral on social media. She was praised on social media for her fearless stand inside the Parliament. She made references to leaders in Sikh history Jassa Singh Ahluwalia and Sardar Bhagael Singh who conquered Delhi from Mughals in 1783.

She tweeted: “But this government has miscalculated. There is a fundamental difference between cowardice & courage. The coward is brave only when armed with power & authority. The truly courageous can fight even when unarmed.”

Here is the video:

She was praised for the tweet on Twitter:

“Orator with a cause and a passion of a fighter”

“A true parliamentarian! Echoing general public sentiments! Would be a great day for India to have a hundred thousand Mahuas.”

Another Tweeter User Said: “Must say India witnessesed one of the brilliant , historic speeches in the august House. It will be remembered for a long long time for sure. Kudos !”