Well from Guru Nanak’s Time Discovered at Sri Kartarpur Sahib

The Kartarpur Langha association, a Sikh religious body, has guaranteed that two wells have been excavated at the memorable Dera Baba Nanak Gurdwara.

In 2013, a well at the Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara was discovered over advice from an elder living in the area. The elder told a caretaker that he’s long heard stories of a well being on the premises but over time it was covered.

The caretaker was curious and motivated to find the well. To his surprise, after digging test holes, he discovered a well made of Nanakshahi bricks.

The gurdwara as of now has a well on its premises, called Bowli Sahib. The SGPC is at present doing redesign of the noteworthy gurdwara.

The SGPC had proposed to remodel the structure and passed a goals on February 16. The administration was granted to a Tarn Taran-based volunteer association. It was proposed to extend the gurdwara lobby and make changes to “Bowli Sahib”.

In any case, its redesign went under the scanner after individuals asserted that the first structure and look of the gurdwara would be lost.

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