Sukhbir Singh Badal commented indirectly over the white fly pesticide scam saying the government has given more compensation than neighboring states. However, he refused to answer the question on the pesticide scam committed by people within the Punjab Govt.

Whitefly, a pest, ruined the cotton crop in Southern Punjab in 2015.

A large number of farmers committed suicide due to economic crisis. We tried to depict the crisis of debt ridden farmers, whose crop damaged due to whitefly attack. Government failed to provide any relief. Moreover politicians are blaming the farmer for his problems.

Its notable Cotton farmers in the Punjab are reeling under heavy losses after their crops failed due to whitefly infestation this year. The Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) claims that farmers did not use seeds that it had recommended. It claims that this poor choice played a key role in the crops’ failure.
video: Raavi Motion Pictures

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