Water Tank To be Removed At Sri Harmandir Sahib Complex

The water tank between the two Bungas at Sri Harmandir Sahib will be demolished in the coming days. The Amritsar Municipal Corporation has started work to remove the water tank piece by piece.


The water tank was installed prior to 1988 to store water for the municipality. In 2011, with the help of activists, plans were announced to officially remove it as it damaged the scenic view of the Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji. The architectural beauty was being spoiled by the mold ridden water tank.

Many theorist say the tank’s purpose was for governmental agenda to keep an eye on activities inside Sri Harmandir Sahib but many dispute this claim.


The scenic grandeur of the Ramgharhia Bungas will benefit after the destruction of the water tank as it currently is an eye sore.

In 2011, Deputy Commissioner Kahn Singh Pannu had announced the removal of the water tank stating “A new modern water supply technology will be introduced to replace this overhead tank. Since, work on the ducts is already on for re-routing the sewerage and water supply lines, we will consult experts to provide us with an alternate modern water supply system. Nevertheless, if there is a need for an overhead tank, we will make sure that it is constructed at a relatively low height at a secluded site and does not spoil the ambience of the Golden Temple,” he said.

Most of the devotees who come visit Sri Harmandir Sahib get annoyed at looking at the water tank but this will all change now.

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