An SGPC worker Ramandeep Singh threw his resignation letter in the face of SGPC Head Avtar Singh Makkar in a protest against the decision to suspend the Panj Piyare.

Ramandeep Singh has immediately removed from the conference room after his protest. The general secretary of the SGPC can be heard saying expletives. Makkar first asked who the person was and than after knowing he was an employee of the SGPC, he Said, “Grab Him.”

The news of the incident has gone completely viral on social networks and the video was seen very widely shared. Over a dozen members of the SGPC have resigned following the Bargari sacrilege and many SGPC members have faced protests throughout Punjab with some even being thrashed.

Today, the Panj Piyare of the Akal Takht called expelled all Takht Jathedars and also ordered the SGPC to be dissolved for their miserable failure in handling Panthic matters.

The Sarbatt Khalsa will be on Novemeber 10, 2016 where many important decisions are expected to be taken.

Makkar’s reaction to Singh’s Protest:

Makkar’s Reaction on Singh’s Protest by dailysikhupdates

Singh Throws Resignation at Makkar’s Face by dailysikhupdates

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