2 of the most famous kirtan Raagis talked about Punjab CM Badal during a Kirtan program. The Raagis Harjinder Singh Sri Nagar Wale and Balwinder Singh Rangila praised Badal by stating he’s the “Most amazing person ever.”

Harjinder Singh gave over the top praises by giving compliment after compliment which even those around him were wondering whether it was true or not.

He says, “Badal Sahab never gets angry, I once asked his wife and she told me he never yelled at me in our whole life.” He further added, “despite Badal Sahib being angry, he doesn’t even yell at his security guards.”

Reportedly, Bhai Harjinder Singh will be doing kirtan in Surrey, Canada in the upcoming days.

Raagis praising Badal by dailysikhupdates

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