British Junior doctors are in rebellion against a new contract that the Government has imposed on them. Many are likely to walk away from the Natonal Hearth Service and take less stressful and more lucrative work abroad. These are among the brightest and best of their generation, who competed fiercely for precious medical school places – and they are now at risk of being lost, not just to the NHS but to the British nation.

Their new contract will stop paying them for antisocial hours, so they can work up until 10pm all week and all of Saturday until late, for no extra money. After five years of the most intensive study, exams and work, their starting salary is £23,000: not a fortune compared with where many of those of equivalent education would be at the same age in other occupations. Typically, their pay now might be enhanced to £31,000 with overtime – but that’s what many will lose, often a pay cut of 30%.

Dr Sundeep Singh Grewal articulates the concerns of thousands of British Doctors on BBC Question Time, a weekly topical live discussion show with panelists from Government and other political parties

He says Doctors are ready to strike to protect the free NHS from being dismantled by the current government

Via: Mankamal Singh From UK

Fast Foward to Minute: 51:35

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