Former Indian PM Manmohan Singh visited Sri Harmandar Sahib today to pay his respects to Sri Harmandar Sahib. It appears he received special treatment during his visit.

First the SGPC task force forms a circular barrier around the former PM India. Second, he doesn’t wait in line to enter Sri Harmandar Sahib but instead allowed to go inside directly while sangat waited in line in the scorching heat. Third, the special treatment occurs during Karah Prashad line.

It appears Manmohan Singh received more treat than current Indian PM Narendra Modi.

Everyone should be treated with equality as in front of the Guru all are equal. Ex PM Manmohan Singh isn’t above the sangat and so he shouldn’t be given any special treatment.

The special treatment goes completely against the meaning and teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and what Sri Harmandar Sahib stands for.

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