Watch How Sikhs in the UK Feed Homeless in Freezing Cold Weather

Various Sikh groups around the UK are organizing daily events to feed the homeless on the streets of UK. Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen, Midland’s Langar Seva Society, and Sikh Awareness and Welfare Team are leading the charge on spreading Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s message.

The principle of langar is the right to food for every human no matter which race, color, or religion. The langar is a food system run on simply compassion and is a symbol of equality as it’s eaten on the same level floor.

The feeding the homeless initiatives are purely backed by donations from the volunteers and other generous people. Many of the homeless get very happy to see the Sikhs because they know that at least that night they won’t go to sleep hungry.

UK is the first country in the world where Sikhs have taken the concept of langar outside the walls of Gurdwara and into practice just the way Guru Nanak Dev Ji had done. Guru Ji fed the poor and those who didn’t have the means to feed themselves, but in most Gurdwaras often the well fed are feeding themselves.

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The Sikhs are doing amazing Seva on freezing cold nights and providing food for the less fortunate. The media around the United Kingdom has started to pick up the story the aim of these groups is to spread to other cities and one day feed every single homeless person on the street.

There is also an amazing journey of a Singh named Randhir Singh who was inspired by Khalsa Aid’s work and got involved with Seva. He stared off by feeding a small amount of people on the streets of the Midlands in UK and now has teams in cities all over the UK feeding the homeless.

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