Protests against Kathavachak Sarbjit Singh Dhunda continued in California following the protest in Fairfield Gurdwara.

A Singh from Roseville, Sacramento posted the following message on Facebook:

“Sikhs being removed from Darbar Sahib from Roseville, Sacramento Dera
People who read bani and actually follow tents of Sikhi were forcefully removed by clean shaven goons? It’s in hands of Sikhs that they kept peace otherwise these tobacco smoking fat asses had no chances in Gatka fight.
This Dera should be shut down and for the respect of Guru Granth Sahib Ji should be removed”

Sarbjit Singh Dhunda address members of Sangat which supported him but a Singh asked a question which irritated the parcharak.

Dhunda Q&A by dailysikhupdates
KCRA News Report:

Yesterday’s Update:

“Dhunda protested at anti sikh Dera, received police protection but could not do nindya. Around about after 7:00pm he took up on stage. At about 7:25pm police told him to get off the stage as he is the reason for protest. Around 8:30pm he was escorted out by cops. Basically fled the scene.”

A protest against Sarbjit Singh Dhunda took place at Fairfield Gurdwara Sahib of California over his anti Guru Gobind Singh Ji Bani viewpoint.

The Singhs peacefully protested by doing Wahe Guru Simran but the Gurdwara committee tried to remove the Singhs by calling the police. As shown in the video the committee members were trying to become physical with the protesting Sangat but the protesting Singhs remained calm and did not engage in any altercation despite being provoked by the committee.

Gurdwara committee of Fairfield did not handle the situation well but the fortunate thing was that no clash took place.

The following videos breakdown the events which occurred at Roseville Gurdwara.

Video 1

Roseville Gurdwara Dhunda 1 by dailysikhupdates

Video 2

Roseville Gurdwara Dhunda 2 by dailysikhupdates

Video 3

Roseville Gurdwara Dhunda 3 by dailysikhupdates

Video 4

Protest Against Sarbjit Singh Dhunda by dailysikhupdates

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