The peak times for seeing the shower were Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Leonids meteors travel faster than any other meteor shower, hitting Earth’s atmosphere at 158,000 mph.

Leonid meteor shower starts at midnight tonight with meteors traveling at 44 miles a second. Humans can see a Leonids storm from Earth about every 33 years.

You can watch the annual Leonid meteor shower Tuesday evening even if clouds or city lights spoil your overhead views.

Take a moment away from video games and Facebook rants and the hateful nature of the news these days and turn your eyes to the sky tonight for a reminder of just how small we are and how elegant this universe can be. I’ll be sitting on my roof with hot cocoa and a telescope making wishes on meteors if you need me.

The Leonid Meteor Shower happens every November… but it varies in it’s display from weak to absolutely amazing. Back in 1800’s… the churches in the Northeastern United States predicted that the Leonid showers, was a sign of the end of the world or a fulfillment of the end times. That’s what happens when people try to use the bible as a science book and fail to understand what’s really happening in our fantastic Universe.

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