A murder convict managed to escape from prison in Madhya Pradesh and it was all captured on CCTV footage at the prison. The convict can be seen as he maneuvers in a daring way, taking on a maze of walls before making his scape.

The convict, 30-year-old Pankaj Pahade was serving a life term following his conviction of murdering his aunt. Prison officials only realized that he was missing an hour after his escape when a head count was being done prior to the prisoners returning to their barracks.

In CCTV footage from a prison in Madhya Pradesh, a man is seen managing some daring moves as he takes on a maze of walls. It was that simple for a murder convict to escape from a jail in Narsinghpur on Wednesday. 30-year-old Pankaj Pahade was serving a life term after being convicted of murder.

Video: NDTV

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