Watch How Police Treat an Elderly Sikh on the Pavement and Take off his Turban

Watch how 8 police officers treat 1 elderly Sikh man on the pavement and not even on the road, they just take his turban (dastar) off and throw it away like its garbage.

A 15 year old Sikh girl respectfully voicing in the protest, been taken away and arrested while being harassed by the police officers
Paji Jagmeet Singh (From BASICS OF SIKHI) trying to reason with the officers not to be so rough on “my sister”

Key bullet points for everyone:

1. Met police had advance notice of protest and failed to adequately prepare barriers and road cordons.
2. Large crowds had no alternative to flow on the roads
3. Sit down protest was planned and conducted peacefully
4. Police moved in with exaggerated force including riot police, battons and 8-10 horse mounted officers. Even after these hourses marched into crowds of women and children sikhs remained largely peaceful, but pushed the police lines back.
5. Officers snatched Sikh flags Nishan Sahibs and broke then threw them on the ground, huge sign of disrespect.
6. As heavy handed officers forced there way in stamping on sitting protestors, this further aggravated the situation.
7. Despite agreement, commitments and orders from Cheif Inspector Nick Collins that no officer would attempt to remove Sikh Articles of faith, Sikh turbans and Kirpan for forcibly removed with out provocation.
8. Dispute calls from community leader to allow women and children to leave the penned in area, the police did not allow until 2hrs later.
9. 3 Young teenage girls and boys were pinned against a bus by 15 officers and were totally disrespected and had their Kirpans removed where there was no need and after all groups had been dispersed.
10. The cheif inspector Nick Collins failed to note 2 serious complaints of police aggression, assault and denial of human rights, even after witnessing himself.
11. The police were prepared to allow situation to escalate and arrest more people without any consideration to Sikh religious sentiments

Via: FB Singh and Kaur

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