An NYPD cop pulled over a Uber driver and verbally lashed out at him shows a video gone viral on social networks. The officer seemed very aggressive in the video and behaved very unprofessionally.

The NYPD has stated the Civilian Complaint Review Board has started an investigation into the matter. The Uber driver was pulled over at xenophobic roadside tirade in the West Village Monday.

The police hasn’t identified the officer but a spokesman said, “aware of the incident and video and it is under review.”

The video was recorded by Sanjay Seth, the passenger who was inside the Uber vehicle.

After posting the video on his social network accounts, Seth wrote “Our Uber driver, Humayun, was abused by a police officer today in New York. The rage, door slamming, throwing items into the car, threatening arrest without cause was bad enough — but the officer’s remarks at the end really took it to another level.”

Uber stated the behavior of the cop was “wrong” and “unacceptable.”

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NYPD Cop Verbally Abuses Punjabi Man by dailysikhupdates

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