A Times Now journalist clearly without any evidence abuses the accused Sarvjeet Singh.

A girl who was allegedly harassed on a traffic signal in Tilak Nagar took to social media to defame an innocent man. Now, a Times Now journalist without any judge ruling or police investigation report held the man accountable and wanted him to apologize.

The rude behavior of the journalist sparked an outrage on social media with people expressing the following views:

“Dibyajyoti Behera 44 minutes ago
she is provoking him so that the guy will lose his cool and punch her on her face. Afterwards they can make another story to wrongly prove that this is the character of that guy.”

Tiffin Box 2 minutes ago
Anyone can see how this reporter is pursuing the girls agenda and is hell bent on declaring that the guy is wrong. She isn’t the judge, if the case has been filed let the court decide. This is a clear case of Times Now harassing Sarabjit and its on camera.

karthik gollamudi 1 hour ago (edited)
Shameless reporter. Girls are not always right. See the other side of coin Times Now!! Prove that he is wrong n then ask him to apologize. There was a common man who witnessed the situation and was supporting sarabjit. Even then you take the girl’s side? He shall feel free to file an FIR on her stating mental harassment.

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