Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s Saroops from Pakistan crossed the Wagah Border to enter India few months ago. The special ceremony was held with the cooperation of both governments to allow the passing of saroops to occur. The border was especially opened for this ceremony to occur.

Sikh sangat became emotional and expressed that one day the seva (selfless service) would be done without border restrictions.

The rare video has just recently surfaced and this event went largely unknown as no media until now reported the event.

On The Move

Whilst the Guru is on the move the following should be observed:

Five Singhs (Minimum of three) are to accompany the Guru at all times when travelling
These Singhs are to remain bare-footed.
One Singh is to do Chaur Sahib Seva
One Singh is to go ahead of Satguru and sprinkle water or wet flower petals.
The Main Singh carrying the Guru must put a clean Rumalla on his Turban before carefully and with respect placing the Guru on this Rumalla. At all times, the Guru should be covered with a small Rumalla so that the Guru’s Sarop is always fully “covered”.
The other two Singh walk besides the Main Singh – one on his left and the other on his right.
In order to make the Sangat aware that the Guru is coming in their direction, gongs or other appropriate instruments are to be played or recitation of “Waheguru” at all times.
When travelling by car, etc, if possible carry the Guru on the head or the lap. In each case a clean Rumalla must be place below the Guru.

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