Punjabi Singer Gippy Grewal was made to pay a fine for violating traffic laws implemented in Delhi as the car rationing (odd-even) experiment takes place.

Notably The Delhi Traffic Police have reported a collection of over Rs 38 lakh in fines for violations under the odd-even restrictions in just the first five days of the planned 15-day campaign in the city.

The experiment began on January 1, 2016 as one of the first measures to curb the high level of air pollution in Delhi. Police believe that at the end of the trial period on January 15, the fines collected could cross the Rs 1 crore mark.

Punjabi singer Gippy Grewal became one of the latest celebrities to break the odd even rule in Delhi, a rule constructed to reduce pollution and to curb traffic. He took the charges very well and stated it’s best to follow the law.

He recommended others to follow the rule and if their car has the opposite number to take public transit or hire a taxi. The police cut a 2,000 rs fine but it allowed him to ride the car all day long.

He stated before entering the city of Delhi it’s best to know whether it’s an odd day or even to avoid being fined.

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