In a miraculous escape, a cameraman of a news channel, who had gone to cover the horse-racing event during Gurpurb at Gandhi Maidan in Patna on Friday, survived after being trampled by a horse during the race. The victim has, however, suffered serious injuries. The cameraman, who was present on the ground, inadvertently went too closing to the racing track. It was at this point that he was hit by a white horse participating in the race.

In only a few moments people realised that the cameraman had been trampled. As he lay unconscious, the cameraman was taken off the racing track and rushed to a nearby hospital. The victim was first taken to a government hospital. After being administered first aid there, he was taken to a private hospital. While doctors have confirmed that the cameraman is out of danger, he has suffered serious internal injuries and is undergoing treatment.
video – India tv

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