Washington Post Teaches Americans With Video ‘How To Pray Like Sikhs’

American media the Washington Post releases a video titled ‘How To Pray Like Sikhs’ for the National Day of Prayer.

Leaders from differed faiths show how they pray. Granthi Surinder Singh was selected to show the process of praying. The translator was a bit inaccurate the Granthi Singh but nonetheless the point came across.

The Sikhs involved in this video could have done a bit more to get the meaning of the Sikh prayer across more easily such as mentioning that Sikhs in their prayer ask for “Sarbatt Da Bhalla” meaning peace and well being for all. Also, the translator should have translated the meaning of the Jaikara briefly towards the end of the video.

The video help Americans understand the process of prayer of the Sikhs and will help spread much needed awareness.

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